Adult Psychotherapy

The key to successful therapy is a relationship with a caring, nonjudgmental therapist there to respond sensitively and patiently to whatever comes up. In my work, I offer that to my clients, as we collaborate in developing an understanding of your emotional states and how they drive your thoughts and actions. We’ll learn together what you need to strengthen and grow.

My time with children and adolescents informs my understanding of development over the life span, and how those relationships and experiences that shape us are alive in the present moment. I also bring a mindful approach to therapy–cultivating awareness of the here and now without judgment, as well as walking clients through meditation practices when that might enrich the work we are doing.

Because the therapist-client relationship is key, it’s important that we have several sessions to determine if we are a good fit for this work. After the third or fourth session, we can make a decision to continue, or I can offer a referral to another therapist if we think it might not be an optimal match.

If you’re not sure you want or need therapy now, feel free to call me to talk about your concerns and any questions you have about the process.