Fees & Insurance

Insurance and Fees

I have some sliding scale availability. Some insurance plans also offer out-of-network benefits that would reimburse a portion of the fee once claims are filed. I would be happy to consult with you about how to find out the amount your plan will cover for psychotherapy and about a sliding scale. Generally, you can find out the following by calling your insurance company:

  • What is the “usual, reasonable, and customary” maximum amount allowed by your insurance company for the following services. (I have included what is called the “CPT Code” for services rendered, which will help you find out this information.)
    • 90837 (Psychotherapy, Play therapy)
    • 90846 (Family therapy without child–for parent sessions when child is in play therapy or psychotherapy)
    • 90847 (Family therapy with child–for assessments and for parent-child sessions)
    • 90791 (Assessment, usually one or two sessions)
    • 90853 (Group psychotherapy)
  • What percentage will the insurance company pay of the “usual, reasonable, and customary” fee?
  • What is your deductible, and do you have an out-of-network maximum payment amount?
  • Do you need preauthorization for outpatient mental health visits?
  • How many visits does the plan cover for mental health?
  • Be sure to let them know the discipline of your mental health provider–in my case, a Licensed Professional Counselor.

If you have questions about insurance and mental health coverage, please consult the National Alliance on Mental Illness web site regarding denial of benefits and the Mental Health Parity Act.


I offer a sliding scale, which is need based, and we can discuss rates in a brief phone consultation.


You can pay by cash or personal check. I also accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.